Combined score
out of 100
No. of reviews 4
Uptime (avg): 99.977%
Response time (avg): 614ms
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Pros and Cons

  • Good uptime
  • Support could be better

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FastComet is a hidden gem in the hosting world. With a long list of useful features and reasonable price - the web host is suitable for both newbies and advanced users. Read full review


The uptime was among the strongest we’ve seen. The customer service was both friendly and fast. Even the pricing transparency was like a breath of fresh air. There was only one big complaint. Unfortunately, it was a big one… Maybe we got a dud, but our site’s speed was just too slow to recommend FastComet. Read full review


Quick and stable servers, nicely scaling plans, and excellent support can see your site grow from zero to hero with FastComet. The shared hosting plans of the company are packed with features for the tech-minded, making it an excellent option for advanced users. Read full review


Many of the shortcomings can be forgiven if the host intends to fix them. For the most part, FastComet is actually quite brilliant, providing really good performance. Most of the users will find it is just what they need. So it is definitely a host we can recommend both for small business and individuals. Read full review